Ready for Super Bowl!!

Written Feb 2, 2014 9:47am by Megan Richardson
Porter had the best day and night yesterday that he has had so far!! His O2, HR, and BP have been right where they are supposed to be. His stitches in his central line had to be replaced overnight as they wiggled free but that's nothing compared to what he's been
through in the past 4 weeks. It's hard to believe that Monday is the one month mark of when he was admitted to the PICU.
Porter has been very alert and following our voices and face with his eyes so our nurse hooked a mobile to his crib and he loves it! She also found a sports shirt that she was able to cut down and fit on him like a smock so he's ready for the Super Bowl today!! Our nurse called it - Project Runway PICU style! We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful bunch of drsand nurses taking care of our little man.


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