Oh my how proud we are!!! We know Porter has been making great strides but when you see him everyday the strides he taking seem small and admittedly we do sometimes wonder how much progress he’s really making.  Well, the physical therapist did his one year assessment and the improvements are fantastic!!

 For Porter's locomotion ( moving and grooving) skills: he improved from a raw score of 18 last year to a raw score of 43!!!  He stayed in the 1st percentile, which means he gained skills at the same rate as his same age peers. 

For his stationary ( balance) skills Porter improved from a raw score of 15 to 34 and moved up from the 1st percentile to the 5th percentile. He gained skills faster than his same aged peers! 

Way to go Porter!

He was fitted for SMO’s (braces for his ankles) earlier this week and they should be here in a couple weeks!  These should really help stabilize his ankles and help him to be steadier on his feet.  

Oliver had the opportunity to help out with Porters Developmental therapy session earlier this week.  He loves helping and showing Porter how to do things and Porter loves mimicking Oliver.  The love between these two is truly amazing.   


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