Sleepy Monday

Porter had a good weekend for the most part.  He needed some oxygen when he was off the vent and a little while on the vent.  We're not sure if it's the change in weather or if he in fact has been fighting a little bug.  He started an antibiotic on Thursday night so if he has a bug hopefully that will knock it out.  He was able to keeps his sats up last night without needing oxygen.  

Steve and I are quite disappointed in our home health company at this point in time. We have not had a night nurse for the last two nights nor did we have one Thursday night.  It's extremely frustrating and as far as we know with the schedule we've been given, we are without a night nurse every Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday through the end of April.  The person working on our schedule says she's doing everything she can but as far as we're concerned right now~ it's not good enough. We will be putting in a call to our insurance today to see who else we can use in addition to this company to fill in the gaps.  Steve and I take shifts but 3 hours of sleep is not enough to go on and there isn't enough coffee in the world to give us a boost. 

We're so excited for this spring like weather and sure hope it sticks around!!!!!! 


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