Sweatin to the beeps

Porter has had a good couple of days despite his sweatyness. He sweated through 4 outfits today~ looks like I have some laundry in my future.  When I got into Porter's room this morning I noticed his HR dip into the low 70's then back up again and back down.  He evened out in the 120's after that.  The same thing happened again when I had him out on the mat but he evened out again.  The cardiologist said to just keep an eye on it. 

Peds surgery came down and took a look at his G-tube site as it is collecting some "goop".  She didn't seem too concerned but took a picture to take back to her team for further discussion. 

Porter gained more weight overnight, we'll see how it is tomorrow after sweating all day but he was at 5.32 this morning.  He's getting better at gripping and maneuvering his toys in his hands and trys to put some of the tags from the toys in his mouth.  He loves to be lifted up in the air and then down quickly, he just giggles and giggles (sighlently of course).  Its awesome to see his HUGE grin.


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