The new norm is setting in....

Phew!  Where did last week go?!?!  I have sat down to write this about 7 times but haven't been able to finish.  We have gotten used to having nurses in our house and actually hasn't been as awkward as we thought it would be. It's been an adjustment for the nurses in getting to know Porter, getting used to ALL of Porter's meds and his schedule.  Porter's days are VERY busy from start to finish.  I think the first couple nights Steve and I didn't eat dinner until close to 11:00pm and barely showered.  We are SO thankful for the meals our friends have brought us and for helping out with Oliver!!!  Our house looks like a tornado came through it, but if we were to have a tornado hit our house this is the kind we'd want. Our dining room has been turned into a mini ICU and toys have taken over the living room.  We are slowing getting unpacked from Texas~ we need DIY network  to come in and help get our house organized!~ We are quite overwhelmed with getting services set up for Porter, figuring out all of his meds, making sure we know when to order more food and equipment, etc etc etc.   

Porter has his first cardiology appointment on Friday and his first car ride in over a year so we're a little nervous about that.  We haven't done a car seat test yet so that's on the agenda for tomorrow!  OT came out last week and will be coming twice per week and PT starts this week.  We're still scheduling speech, special feeding clinic, complex care clinic, pulmonology, urology, neurology, ophthalmology, and dermatology.  

Porter however, is getting adjusted to his new environment and taking it all in.  He is fascinated with Oliver and doesn't quite know what to make of the dogs.  He hates the loud noise the vacuum makes.    There's a lot more to see in the house than he ever saw at the hospital.  His new formula is also binding him up a bit so with a little help from Miralx we're hoping for some code browns here soon!!

We were able to take Porter outside for about 10 minutes yesterday, it was such a beautiful day. He wasn't so sure about the sunlight!  Need to get him some baby sunglasses.  :)  Week two begins....


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