Waking up

Porter had a great day today.  They were able to wean some of his vent settings, wean some of his sedation, and stable out his blood pressure.  The new diuretic is starting to work its magic.  He has some unusual redness/bruising under his arms and down his sides but they feel like that is from the surgery. The doctors are happy with the progress he is making so far.  

He had his first PT/OT session post transplant today so we'll find out tomorrow how that went.  Porter is loving being able to move his arms around and not having them restrained.  They had us put some socks on his hands so he doesn't pull on anything he shouldn't - aka his chest tube.  Porter loves to pull on and play with all the tubes and wires.  His chest tube hasn't been putting out much at all today so the thought is that it may come out tomorrow.  Hooray!  Making progress one step at a time.  :)


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