Wild Wednesday

The docs decided to wean Porter's morphine today from .08 to .07 which you would think wouldn't be much of a problem - normally.  We're starting to think that Porter's fevers are coming from withdrawal from morphine. He was fever free this morning until they changed his morphine and by this afternoon he was back up to having 102 deg fever.  Peculiar.  Porter is waiting on a special trach that will extend past his chubby cheeks and short neck which they ordered yesterday.  Unfortunately there was some confusion with this and one of the residents from the ent department came down to Porters room and decided to try to put a trach in that had been sitting around for a week that was the wrong size.  Porter was having a fit when they put it in because he couldn't breath.  This one was a 3.0 and he requires a 3.5. Ugh - talk about frustrating.  It seems like there was a huge disconnect because we had just been told yesterday that a special trach had been ordered for Porter and would be here in a few days.  They put his original trach back in and it took Porter a while to calm down but he finally settled and relaxed. 

So far they haven't put his chest tube back in but he is "leaking" fluid so at some point they probably will.  They are giving him a little break until he absoultly needs it put back in. 


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