prayers please

We just realized it in has been a while since we updated Porters blog.  With my exams, Steves work and trying to get the house in order for Porter's potential homecoming we lost track of time.  Porter had been doing really well, so well the docs were thinking he could go home next week where he could continue to grow and thrive and wait.  Porter must have heard us talking about this and decided he likes the butterflies so much on the ceiling and loves his nurses that hes not quite ready to go home just yet.  We received that dreaded early morning call from one of Porters docs this morning.  She said Porter had a pretty bad episode, he had coded, turned blue and they had to do compressions for a little over a minute.  They were able to revive him and he seemed ok after that.  He spiked a 101 temp and has been agitated so he's back on some regularly scheduled morphine. They took him off the home vent and put him back on the hospital vent with some O2 assistance.    They think he had gotten a little dehydrated which caused his already defective valve to close completely for that time period.  The docs are getting cultures to see if he has any type of infection.  So- it seems like he just bought himself a little extra time In the PICU for the time being.  If you could continue to keep him in your prayers that would be great.


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