Carol's Blog Entry #2 - "Watching and Waiting"

Hello Family and Friends,

It's been over a month since my first entry so am I checking back in with an update. Now that Sam is 18 years old, his kidney-related lab numbers are calculated  somewhat differently than when he was a pediatric nephrology patient. So, Sam's nephrologst at Froedtert, Dr. Lathara, advised us at Sam's 2/24/16 check-up that his GFR is between 22-23. Those are still Stage 4 kidney disease numbers however the timeline for the transplant is not as imminent as we first thought it would be. Sam will have labs done every 6 weeks so Dr. Lathara can closely monitor him to manage Stage 4 until the GFR declines and transplant is needed. Dr. Lathara, and the post-transplant nephrologist that is also keeping an eye on Sam's case, called this "watching and waiting". For this we are very grateful, because it gives us time to adjust to our "new normal" and prepare for the transplant when the time does arrive for the next step in this journey.

Joe is still slated to be Sam's direct donor or to donate into the national kidney exchange so that hasn't changed. We are so fortunate and blessed by all those who are lifting up prayers and giving Sam encouragement. 


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