Christmas Highlights 2013

As the clock is ticking down the last few minutes until the day we are all so anxiously awaiting, I can think of no better way to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas than to share a few precious memories that highlight God's divine blessings in our lives. Shafer is doing remarkably well right now...he seems to have completely recovered from his difficult battle with viral meningitis. Thanks for your many prayers and continued concern.

The Lord is so faithful to provide strength through our friends and family. While we are so blessed to be home for Christmas this year, our hearts go out to many of our dear loved ones who are in the hospital at this time. Let us remember to pray for others who are hurting and dealing with incredibly hard life circumstances during this season of celebration. Let us remember always that life is hard, but God is good. And sometimes it takes time to see the goodness and find God's plan in the midst of extremely intense seasons of our journey. I hope that everyone will take time over the next 24 hours to reflect on the true meaning of why we consider Christmas such a special time. My eyes were opened wide this year to the realness of Mary and what she was commissioned to do at such a tender age. My daughter Shayli had the privilege of portraying Mary in our church Christmas program. Mary became real to me in a way I had never felt or seen before. As I watched my twelve year old precious child bring to life the beauty of bringing the Christ child into this world, my heart was jolted. I will never look at the nativity in the same way. What reverence, what awe...this night is symbolic for the miraculous event that transformed the world!! I praise God for the privilege to freely worship and praise the Lord of the universe who has supernaturally worked modern miracles in our personal lives time and time again. Every day is a Christmas celebration in my heart...this is just a great day to all come together and recognize the giver of life eternal!! We love you all and to all a good night...



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