"Hoppy" Easter from Shafer

This month was full of blessings, as Shafer enjoyed doing so many things he loves. We had a wonderful photo shoot at Barry Aslinger Photography with live bunnies and captured some amazing photos of the children. Shafer really likes rabbits, so we had a hard time getting him to leave the studio.













We celebrated a wonderful Easter together as a family. Shafer was even able to go to church and hunt eggs with his cousins, following a nice lunch. It was so special for all of us to be in worship on this important day to remember the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.





Another big event in the Daves household was Shaw becoming a Christian! One night while we were having “boy talk” before bedtime, Shaw asked Jesus into his heart. I just wish you could have heard his sweet prayer! I will never forget that moment…Shaw was baptized at Spring Creek Road Baptist Church by his Uncle John (who is a pastor) on March 24, 2013. I am so proud of Shaw and stunned by his excitement for the Lord! Thanks, son, for being such a good example for mommy…I love you so much…

Shafer’s clinic appointment this month at Vanderbilt went great. He is still getting taller and gaining weight. His labs proved to be good once again, so we are very thankful. We are praying the 2nd round of medication for C-Diff has cleared his little body of this terrible infection. 

While in Nashville we were able to have a little fun and go to The Factory in Franklin. We enjoyed a great lunch at Stoveworks and a creative shopping experience. They always have lots of great places for photo opportunities, so we kept the camera clicking.








Shafer never passes up a chance to experience a new adventure. March brought several birthday invitations, so he had a blast at our friends’ roller skating party. He loves the excitement of being out there with daddy and the other big kids. I’m amazed at how well he does on skates. Now we’re just not sure which one he likes best…roller or ice skating. Shafer also had a great time at Mystery Dog Ranch for his friend Sarah’s birthday party.

He would rather be around horses than eat when he is hungry. The only thing I think he loves as much as horses is Mickey Mouse! I praise God every day for extending our time with Shafer. It is such an honor to care for him. I love taking care of him and seeing all the progress he is making on a daily basis. I so appreciate your continued prayers for our little angel.


Love always,
Shafer’s Mommy










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