Make a Wish

What a marvelous blessing to receive the news that Shafer will be an upcoming “Make A Wish” recipient! We are in the process of setting up our home interview with the dream committee assigned to Shafer’s case. How exciting, yet surreal, to think that we are now one of those families that I used to read about.

God continues to put us in unusual places. Our lives are still overflowing with crazy good and crazy bad. When the Lord is at work, Satan works overtime throwing his fiery darts to thwart all the goodness that abounds. So, we ask for your continued prayers as we travel this slippery slope.

We have lots of things to celebrate this month. Shanel, our 6-year-old, accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized on May 6. I was honored to be the guest speaker for two mother/daughter banquets and the girls—Shayli, Sharayah, and Shanel—provided the special music. This was their first time to sing publicly, outside of our church, and it was beautiful to see the Lord use their testimony in song. I am certain that God has something in store for “The Daves Sisters.”





Mother’s Day this year held special meaning as Shafer and I celebrated with shared kidneys!

The depth of my love for him is unexplainable…it just reminds me of how big and wide and deep and endless the love of God really is. All of the children provided such beautiful gifts…many were handmade and creatively written. Thank you, God, for blessing me with five precious angels…Mother’s Day could not have been sweeter.







Shanel graduated from kindergarten and Shayli from 5th grade. I just can’t believe her time at Brainerd Baptist School has come to a close. Sharayah finished 3rd grade and it is official that I will be homeschooling the children next school year.

Shaw will start kindergarten, Shanel will be in 1st grade, Sharayah in 4th, and Shayli in 6th…and I’m sure little Shafer will get plenty of K-3 instruction!
Shafer continues to do amazingly well. His labs are holding steady and he is now in the 75th percentile for both height and weight.
Dr. Jabs is pleased with his progress and is very encouraging at our monthly clinic visits.
Even though life is incredibly complex right now, I feel God’s presence and protection like never before.
In the midst of our weakness, the Lord’s strength is readily available to go beyond our need and work supernaturally in ways we could never imagine possible.
All our love,
Shafer’s Mommy


  • Kim Brown

    So happy that things are going good... you have such beautiful children and I would love to hear your girls sing. Congrats on being chosen for Make a Wish, hope you guys have a wonderful time. Remembering you all in prayer. Kim Brown from VEC Crossville

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