March Madness

Shafer loves basketball. The Daves are a basketball-loving family as we’ve spent the last 6 months consumed with the game. My husband, Kevin, and I coached Shayli’s 5th grade basketball team at Brainerd Baptist School. Kevin also coached Sharayah’s 3rd-5th grade community league, and Shanel and Shaw’s K-4/K-5 team. Every morning Shafer would wake up and say, “Going to ballgame today?” He fell in love with the sound of balls bouncing, sights of pretty girls, and smell of fresh popcorn popping—not to mention dozens of people doting on him since he is not out in public very often.

These last few months have been rich with memories as we have been together as a family sharing recreational time. I have missed this part of life more than anything. Nothing is better than laughing, playing, eating, and doing things that everyone loves. These moments are priceless…and I am relishing every single second.

Shafer’s health continues to be good. His kidney is functioning well and his labs have been staying in the normal ranges. He is holding his weight steady as he remains on his feeding tube for 9-10 hours a night to receive the added nutrition and fluid needed to properly regulate his adult organ.

We celebrated Kidney Month and World Kidney Day on March 8th! I was the guest speaker for a women’s conference in Cleveland, TN, and they honored Shafer by wearing green ribbons to mark the occasion. I was simply blown away that God orchestrated the timing of such an event to share our story when we were totally unaware of what a special day it was. Thank you, Lord, for reminding us that you are in all things…even down to the smallest details in our lives.

Thanks for your prayers and the many other ways you have shown your support to us during this time. We praise God from whom all blessings flow for your heartfelt love.

Shafer’s Mommy


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