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Shafer Bray Daves, son of Kevin & Jada Daves, was born October 15, 2009 with an extremely rare medical condition of which there have been only 200 diagnosed cases in the world. The syndrome is caused by a genetic mutation that includes chronic kidney disease leading to failure by age 3, kidney cancer (known as Wilms’ Tumor) in many cases, and other difficulties. Shafer's kidney function declined rapidly due to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in October 2010 resulting in a double nephrectomy (full kidney removal surgery). To bridge to transplant, Shafer was on peritoneal dialysis eleven hours a day to sustain his life, and received his nutrition primarily through a feeding tube. Shafer's medical team approved his mother to be the living donor for her son, as she was a 6 antigen perfect match. Jada & Shafer were successfully transplanted on June 22, 2011 at the Rascal Flatts Surgery Center at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN.


  • The COTA Staff

    We are happy to be working with you!

  • Jlindne2

    /*What an amazing gift to know the Daves!!! I am in awe at their attitude and servitude to God's calling on their lives. It is my prayer that God touch every individual that visits this page through the Daves and their story of little Shafer. I am so honored to be a part of this TEAM!!! */

  • donnad

    Before leaving for her mission trip Kara Akins ask me to be a part of Team Shafer. Of course I said yes! She was unable to get the information to me before she left. Can you help? Was told there had already been one meeting and would sure like to be in on the next one. By the way my name is Donna Day and I go to Spring Creek Road Baptist Church. Thank you Donna

  • Wendi Dalby

    Jada & Kevin and all the little Davettes: This is a wonderful gift for those of us in Nashville and beyond who have wanted such a meaningful and tangible way to help and support you all. I am continually amazed at the grace and endless energy that you both (and Shafer) have for this challenge in your lives and your strength is inspirational. I am so proud to know you both and love you---I will send everyone I know to the site and ask them to join in this community of healing, love and support. Hugs & Kisses all around! Wendi

  • Jan Wilson

    Hello to all the Daves! Shafer, you are so beautiful. This website will be a fantastic way to stay in touch. Blog, Jada, blog! :) I am up for the next volunteer meeting too! Love to all, Jan

  • Jeremy Envid

    We are so blessed to know the whole Daves family. Thank you for being such awesome parents! You are truly an inspiration. God will continue to lead, guide and bless your journey with Shafer. Just remember that "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me." Pastor Jeremy and Family

  • Brother/B-I-L/Uncle/Praying Jesus Freak minister guy

    This site is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you COTA! I love Shafer. I am a big FAN & FAM! God works in crazy ways and through hardships. This is a big one of them. I will never understand exactly why this happened, but always will trust God to lead, guide and direct Shaf, my precious sister, wonderful brother-in-law & precious neices, nephew and the rest of our family THROUGH this! The LORD is...

  • Ms. Trish

    I love you all very dearly and enjoyed through out the years creating many memories through Spring Creek and want you to know that I have definitely been trying to spread the word using facebook and Linked In Connections, we will make this successful. If there is anything that I can do to provide support for you all in any way please let me know through email. would love to help out anyway that I could...

  • ShariS

    Kevin, Jada, and SBDs you are such a special family, and you are dearly loved by our family. Shafer's picture is on our fridge, by our phone, and in our car as a constant reminder to lift him up to our faithful heavenly Father in prayer. This precious baby has always been in God's hands, and we pray that God continue to encourage and strengthen your family as He heals and grows Shafer into the precious little man He has willed for him to be. Love and blessings to you all! Much love, Shari Stone

  • Tonya (Davis) Bracken

    Jada, I graduated from Whitwell High School in 1993 and although I didn't have you as a teacher, I remember you. My heart goes out to you and your family. I understand some of what your family is going through. My 5 year old daughter, Katie, was born with a serious heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and has underwent 3 open-heart surgeries, multiple heart caths, and many hospital stays. She basically has half a heart. I will add your precious son to my prayers and will include your beautiful family in them as well. Tonya (Davis) Bracken- Whitwell, TN

  • Sheila Jetton

    Just wanted to share my support! We are also from Chattanooga and currently waiting for a lung transplant for my 1 year old daughter. We know the struggles you face daily. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Ashley Taylor

    Hey Daves Family: I miss Shafer SO much and think about you often. Next time you are at VCH for an appt I would love to see him. I am so glad to hear he is doing well. Thanks for the updates and I will continue to pray for my sweet boy!! <3

  • Chris, Melba, Carly and Morgan Humble

    We love you Shafer and your entire family. We are counting down the days until you can be with us at church like the rest of your family. God is using you in ways that you will never know this side of Heaven. Your entire family is a blessing to our family. Love - Melba

  • Pam Barker

    I love you all very much, you all are in my prayers, and I know Shafer already is a miracle, I know God will continue to lead, guide and bless baby Shafer who is so precious, and also your family,

  • Jeannette Fox

    Jada, praying for your special family and Shafer.

  • Casey

    I work @ Pediatric Diagnostic where we treat all of the Daves family...I am so glad i found this site for Shafer!! I will continue to pray for Shafer and your entire family!!

  • kelly kimsey

    Read Shafer''s story in the polk county news and watched on three plus you. I am a mom of three in Turtletown TN. I have three miracles,but one very special one. My 3 year old, Cora,also made the polk county news headlines in January 2008. We believe God is still working miracles and we are praying for a miracle for you.

  • Rebecca Stewart

    I love your positive outlook on Shafer's situation, and I know you feel blessed that you are a perfect match for him. I am praying his surgery goes well. He's such a cute little boy!

  • Ann & Stan

    WE love you guys and continue to pray for the entire family daily X many!!

  • Pat Binkley

    Hi Jada,Shafer and family, I am the mother of a son, Brian, who has had 3 kidney transplants at Vanderbilt. On Sunday he will celebrate his 29th birthday. When he was 3 months old we found out he had Posterior Urethral Values which was severe enough that his kidneys did not develop properly. At 11 month (1983) he received a kidney from his father. At the time he was the youngest and smallest child that had a kidney transplant to Vandy. He did ok but had several major rejection episodes. When he was 11 years old (1993) his sister gave him his second kidney. He did much better with this kidney. Eighteeen years later in September of 2010 his other sister gave him a kidney. They were 1 number from being a perfect match. His surgeon was Dr. Shaffer and his nephrologist is Dr. Heidi Shaefer. He and his sister were both in the hospital for 3 days! The rejection medications have greatly improved over the years and Brian is doing wonderful with no rejection. He is looking to start a new career and making plans to be married in November. You and Shafer are in wonderful hands with these 2 excellent doctors. You,Shafer and your family are in my prayers and if I can do anything for you please let me know. My email address is

  • Gilbert, Wendee & Breelee Arms

    Kevin & Jada...Please know that we will continue to lift your entire family in our prayers. We will be anxiously awaiting the great news of the success, that our Lord is going to deliver with this hand picked transplant team. All the best is yet to be. 1 Peter 5:10&11 The Arms Family

  • Tera L. Joseph

    Kevin and Jada, I don't know if you will remember me at all but I am the physician assistant that saw you at TC Thompson emergency department on Shafer's birthday when he was so sick. My heart was so heavy for you that day. My son is exactly 1 week older than Shafer and the entire time I cared for Shafer I kept envisioning how it would feel to be in your shoes with a sick child. I have often thought of you since and wondered how things were going. I live in Cleveland and recently read the article in the paper about Jada being a perfect donor match for Shafer - I recognized you both from the pictures. I then saw a billboard in Chattanooga with this website listed on it. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to hear that Jada will be giving Shafer a kidney on June 6th. I know what a true miracle it is that you as his mother are a perfect donor match. I am sure that you have already experienced many other miracles as well. I will be praying for you both daily. Trusting God to protect you both as you go through surgery and recovery, trusting that Shafer's body will not reject the kidney, believing God will provide for all of your financial needs during this time, and praying that no medical errors or complications occur. May the Lord give you and your family supernatural peace, strength, comfort, and rest during the coming weeks.

  • Katie Mays, RN

    What an amazing family, and incredible story! Can't wait to see you all again. I sure have missed that blue eyed baby boy. The big day is right around the corner, and your family here at Children's is more than ready! If you need anything, ANYTHING while you're in Nashville, even outside of the hospital, please let me know. Until we see each other, lifting the entire Daves family up in prayer, with love <3

  • Lou & Violet Keen

    Kevin & Jada: Our prayers are with you and your family. Blessings, Lou & Violet Keen

  • Rev. Tom Henley

    Please know that Shafer and his family and friends are in my daily prayers.

  • Chelsea Lyle (waitress at Nino's)

    Guys, your story is beautiful. One full of hope and joy. You are such a beautiful family and God has his hand on all of you. God Bless all of you and your family.

  • Pat Binkley

    You are in my thoughts and prayers today. I know the surgeries will go well and you will have a healthy little boy. You will be amazed how quickly the creatatine and BUN will be in the normal range.

  • Tony and Pam Balinger

    We have been truly touched in reading and hearing about everything going on in little Shafer's life, and the strength and faith your family has shown during this journey. We are praying for God's continued guidance and wisdom as you travel this path He has layed out for you, as well as strength and peace!

  • Pat Binkley

    Jada, I saw on TV tonight the transplant is scheduled for tomorrow. You, Shafer and all your family will be in my thoughts and prayers through out this time. Again, if there is anything I can do for you and your family please let me know. I am still looking forward to talking with you.

  • George Harvey

    I've had a kidney from my daughter for more than 17 years, and it's still doing fine. Good luck. Just keep him out of the sun. He will be susceptible to skin cancer.

  • Pat Binkley

    Jada, I hope everything is going well with you and Shafer. You, Shafer and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Carolyn Pool

    I first learned of Shafer's condition through a co-worker & friend Guy Kirby, and I have been following your story since then. This is the first opportunity I have had to view the various interviews on the website. Doing so has been one of my most blessed times of adoration, praise, and worship ever. What a testimony of God's love and faithfulness in and through you. God bless you, all 7 of you! May he continue to mightily, mightily use you. Carolyn Pool

  • Katie Mays, RN

    Miss y'all! Think about you often <3 -Katie Mays, RN, CPN

  • Doug Wilson

    Hey Jada. I have been keeping up with you and your family and want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are truly blessed with such a wonderful family and when I heard about your son's condition, I knew he would be alright with you as his mother. I am proud to know you haven't changed a bit in your faith and values and will continue to pray for you all. Doug

  • Shayli

    Mom, You are my rock and always will be. I think you are the bravest woman on Earth. You are also going to be Shafer's rock and I know that he will be very thankful for what you've done and mabye when he needs another kidney then I can be his next donor. Overall I love you and always will and want to make sure that you know it. xoxoxoxo, Your Daughter Shayli

  • Tricia Sluder

    I am so inspired by your courage and your faith. What a beautiful testimony to God's faithfulness and His loving care for all of us. May He continue to bless your precious family and your sweet, beautiful son, Shafer. Every time I look at his picture, I just want to take him into my arms and love on him, telling him what a blessing he has already been. I will continue to pray for all of you, for strength, for wisdom and for complete recovery. God is good.....all the time.

  • katie butler

    Jada and Kevin, it was such a pleasure to run into you guys last night! The Lord works in wonderful ways and thank God for Jesus! Like we were saying last night, you are a walking testimony of how He can take ANYTHING that is broken, and restore it to its whole state. So we can recieve His blessings and be a blessing! I pray the Lord continues to bless you and your family so that the next time we run into one another you will have more great news to share and inspire others with! we love you all and will continue to pray for your family.

  • Angelina Sims

    May God continue to bless you more and more on your journey. Vandy is amazing. My father received a heart transplant there. My sister had brain surgery and my mom had colon cancer and had her surgery there as well. My father is in heaven, now. Mom and sis are doing great. Mom is ten year cancer free, praise God!!!!! Anyway, I read your story to my residents at the nursing home today and we were so touched and blessed. My Father said when he felt his heart for the first time, "Thank you for my gift of love". Your journey has just begun and its a blessed one!!!!

  • Angelina

    Thought of you today...stopped and said a prayer and thanked God for healthy children and grandchildren. Had to get online and see if their were any updates and!!!! Wow....Wow was all I could think of as I watched. Those beautiful blue eyes captivated me once again and drew me into his world...thank you!!!! I choked back the tears but only because if I started crying I wouldn't quit for awhile because of "my problems" and that's when I thought of Shafer. I have so much to be thankful for and my so called problems are miner. Thank you for sharing your life with me. God bless you all. All of the children are beautiful!

  • taramwells

    Dear Jada, You may not remember me but my name is Tara and we met last month at the Family Dollar on North Market Street. I was having a difficult day at the time and the Lord told me to go to that store and there you were turning the corner with a cart full of supplies. After we shared stories, you gave me a prayer card that had a picture of Shafer on the front. He is such a beautiful miracle and when I feel overwhelmed, I pull his photo out of my journal and begin to pray. If the Lord our God can heal this beautiful little boy, then He will walk with me through the daily struggles I face with my disease. I pray for Shafer's health and I thank the Lord that He brought you into my life that day. Words cannot describe how you helped me that day. I will continue to pray for your family and I hope you enjoy this wonderful holiday season that the Lord has provided. Happy Holidays With Love, Tara

  • Robin Elmore

    Good Morning Jada...I met you this week at Volunteer Energy in Crossville TN. You're presentation was EXCELLENT, but you really touched my heart with you're story about little Shafer. My name is Robin Elmore, (I came up to when you were talking to Patty after your presentation. You gave me the SWEETEST picture). You and your family will forever be in my heart and prayers, and I really think that GOD has something very special in store for your "SWEET Shafer". You are a GREAT example of a wonderful mother and that there is nothing that we would'nt do for our children :) May GOD continue to BLESS you and your AWESOME family!!! Love in Christ, Robin Elmore...Crossville, TN

  • kimberly

    good morning just wanted to let you know my daughter was diagnosed with the same syndrome at 8 days old they said she wouldnt live past 1 month and she is now 4 years of age i was fortuanate enough to gift her my left kidney after 11 months of dialysis seizures strokes you name it and my angel Kaia went through it. she is now a beautiful vibrant 4 year old that i adore. i would love to help assist in any way to help and educate many about organ donation and how important it is for many. please write back or call 646-594-0803

  • Debbie & Lucy

    We met you at the pool at Clifftops recently and were so touched by Shafer's story and meeting Shafer in person. He is such a joy and we know that God chose you and your family for him because you are so special. May God continue his blessings on you and we hope to see you again soon.

  • Shayli [Shafer's older sister]

    Shafer you light up my day and I wouldn't make it without you! Thank you so much for being such a big part of my life. I really don't remember what life was like without you! Your story made me understand what miracles are and that they're real. The Great Physician has been with you your whole life. Praise the Lord!!

  • Taylor

    Hi Shafer! For some reason you and your family have been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to say hello. I enjoyed meeting you guys when you visited us in the main hospital. I hope your brother and sisters are enjoying school so far. Tell your mom and dad that I said hello! You guys are always in my prayers. Love, Taylor

  • Karen

    Hi Shafer and Jada - Lexie (goldendoodle) and I met you guys on Jax Beach this evening (Monday 9/3)...what a beautiful family and I am so grateful that my Lexie was the "bridge" that we met on...and Shafer I am definitely praying for you, your mom, your dad and all your siblings...You are the most adorable and sweet young man! When I see you again I promise I won't let Lexie lick your toes!!! I hope you enjoy your visit to the ocean and to Florida. Safe travels back to Tennessee...God Bless you ! My log in name on your page is JaxBeachLexie so you'll always know who I am even tho we were strangers on the beach...I met you for a reason and I will never forget you......Karen


    Hi,I have prayed and still do each day for baby shafer. I know how things are we get an up date at church. I deal with awhole lot of things in my life as well and it is hard. The lord is watching over us things will get better one of these days. I pray for you and me. please pray for the pastor right now I feel not understood about my life because of what is going on in his. MY THE LORD BLESS YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS PAULA

  • Beth & family

    Hi Shafer! What a joy to meet you and your family at the Dr's office yesterday! I enjoyed talking with your sweet sister, Shayli! Praying for you:)

  • Kay Payne

    Hi, Shafer! I met your Mommy and sweet sisters at a church dinner Wed. night and have been so touched by your story. Jada's message was amazing and truly ministered to those of us there. I will remember to pray for you and your family every day. And I hope to have lunch with your Mom in April when I return from Florida. Love you, Kay Payne

  • Melanie Mann

    Jada, What a delight to see you and your beautiful family the other night at the game! I just watched the video and was so inspired. I will be in prayer for Shafer and your sweet family. Take care, Melanie

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