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With the cost of a transplant often exceeding $500,000, plus a lifetime of medical expenses, transplant patients are unable to shoulder the financial burden on their own. The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for children like Stanley Gleason-Allured in Brooklyn, New York.

Born in January 2016, Stanley was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 10 weeks old, and he received a life-saving liver transplant at 6 months of age at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in New York City. All of the funds raised through this page will assist with transplant-related expenses. COTA provides support to patients and families for a lifetime.

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We Made It Through Another Year!

Today marks the second anniversary of Stanley’s liver transplant. Looking back at photos of Stanley from 2016, it’s hard to believe the baby in those pictures is the same little boy. He’s grown so much in the last two years thanks to the healthy liver he received through organ donation! Sta...

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A Letter to Stanley's Donor Family on the First Anniversary of His Liver Transplant

Left: Stanley right before he went into surgery. Right: Stanley this morning. Continue Reading »

What's Water?

Stanley on Thanksgiving Eve, Four Months Post-Transplant Continue Reading »

Alice in Wonderland and Dreaming about Stanley

There is a scene in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland where Alice tumbles down the rabbit hole. At first she’s scared. Then, realizing the rabbit hole plunges down and down into near infinity, she calms, floating past lamps and furniture and funhouse Continue Reading »

Dear Stanley

It’s the morning of day twenty-two post-op. That means that twenty-two days ago, sometime in the predawn darkness of Sunday, the doctors came into the overly bright waiting room to tell your mother and me that the surgery had been "a battle" but Continue Reading »

Setbacks and Staying Strong

At 5:00 a.m. this morning, I received the following text from Jeb: “Stanley has to be reintubated. His chest congestion is back along with intermittent fever.” I immediately started crying. While this situation wasn’t as dire as the one two Continue Reading »

Another Step Closer to Going Home

It's been 10 days since Stanley's liver transplant and two days since the surgery to close his abdomen. Today he was finally extubated and the bandage was removed from his incision, leaving just a layer of Steri-Strips covering the stitches. Continue Reading »

This is What a Good Day Looks Like

Stanley is alert and comfortable and able to crack a few little smiles. Soon he'll be chowing on his first real non-medical food in ages. This is what we call a really good day. Continue Reading »

How to Eat a Whale

The last thing you want to wake up to at 3:15 AM is a bright room crowded with doctors and nurses swarming over your child, to another mass of nurses and doctors standing in the doorway and hall, all gazing intently at the monitors above your Continue Reading »

How to Build a Fire

Amber will be telling the story of Stanley's birth, diagnosis and treatment at the storytelling show How to Build a Fire at Open Source Gallery on Friday, July 29th, 2016, at 8:00 p.m. If you're not able to make the event, you can watch it Continue Reading »


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