Status of Donor Evaluation and a Very Special Thank You!

Dear Stanley Supporters,

Welcome to our official COTA website!

Yesterday, I completed my donor evaluation. The doctors saw something in my bloodwork that needs further testing, so a liver biopsy is being set up for Monday and we'll hopefully receive the results by the end of next week. Once they confirm my liver is healthy, we can schedule the transplant, which could take place as soon as the following week, depending on operating room availability. In the meantime, Stanley is on the transplant list, and a good organ could come through any day. If one does, then he will be brought immediately to the hospital for the transplant.

I also wanted to say a special thanks to our volunteers, Sarah Coffey, Taryn Rejholec and Christina Jelski, as well as my boss, Marvin Shanken, who is matching M. Shanken Communications employee contributions up to $25,000! I'm beyond humbled and grateful at the outpouring of love and support that we've received since setting up the campaign. Knowing we have friends and family helping us through this difficult journey makes it a little easier.


Amber, Jeb and Stanley


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