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Our Story

As most of you know, Ashley has battled cystic fibrosis since she was diagnosed at 3 months old. Fortunately, she is a fighter and has always done all she could to maintain her health. Over the past several years, her lung function has been declining-an unavoidable result of cystic fibrosis. The last treatment available at end stage lung disease is a double lung transplant. It will fix the lung problem, although she will still have to fight the effects of CF in the rest of her body-including digestive issues, liver, sinus, and diabetes, as well as dealing with the antirejection drugs the rest of her life.

We were blessed that Ashley received her lung transplant on May 16, just 15 months after the initial evaluation at UNC and only one week after being placed on the transplant list. She has had to relocate to Chapel Hill from NYC for the transplant, and plans to stay here for the first year post tranplant, to be close to the clinic at UNC. After she is released from the hospital, she wi...