44 Days

The month of September has flown by, it is amazing to see how far Nevaeh make the milestones that she has sense coming home. She has not just amazed us, but also her physicians! She is now wanting to stand up and tries to lift up her feet to walk. she is doing tummy time for very long periods of time, and will roll over on her own when she is ready to. She can push the front half of her body up while on her stomach as well. She has been doing very well with her tastings, which is where we take small amounts of baby food or formula and let her taste it and work her muscles to swallow. She has not been able to do these things sense before her heart transplant. She is now 12 hours off the vent and going in for a sleep study in about 3 weeks so we can see how well she does off the vent while she is asleep. And when all goes well with that we will cap off her trach! We have been having trouble being able to have a nurse out here because of how many hours she is required, but hopefully that will get better soon and she can get the professional supervision that she needs. Our plan is for her birthday is to have something small just with us sense its not the best idea to have her exposed to anything especially with confirmations of the flu virus already coming up. For Nevaeh it is harder for her to get over being sick because she is highly immunosuppressed. So all of our family, close family friends, and her nurses will be getting their flu vaccines. These next few weeks are going to be huge for Nevaeh and I am so excited for her!


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