Gift of Life

After being listed for a heart transplant on March 26,2018, we received a call the night of May 8,2018 that Nevaeh had a donor that was compatible with her blood type. What a blessing it was to hear such amazing news!!! We were crying for joy and of sadness, because an amazing family decided to give the gift of life to a complete stranger who happened to be Nevaeh!! And at he same time losing their own child to help someone else. Nevaeh went into surgery the very next day at 9 am and got out at 6 pm. So she came out of surgery quicker than expected! Everything was going really well, but her new heart was still in shock and didn’t want to beat on the right side. They tried for hours to give it a chance to be able to beat on its own. The surgeon and doctors came to the conclusion that putting her on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine that  is pushing the blood in and out of her heart and lungs without her body having to do the work to give her new heart rest for a couple of days. At this moment her new heart is not having any function so her team will be starting trials to see if her new heart can recover from the shock, and come off of ECMO. At this time ECMO is doing all her functions, but it is such a blessing to have the opportunity for the modern medicine that is able to help save her life. Prayers are always welcome and appreciated, and so helpful through all of these times of need. 


  • Marti Miller

    We pray the new heart will begin to function correctly and give life to this precious child! Prayer always!

  • Damon Gragert

    your family is in my family's prayers.

  • Perla Kent

    Praying that His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you trust in Him! Believing for that sweet little miracle will be home soon ????????????????

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