Home Away

Seeing Nevaeh stay inside the hospital for minutes, hours, days, and now months at a time is hard to see. We have always been the type of family that loves the outdoors, both of our girls would spend everyday outside, even when the weather wasn’t as nice. Being at the hospital, in a different city, in a whole new atmosphere has been a big change. We can’t wait for the day for Nevaeh to see the sky, for the sun to kiss her skin, for the breeze to play through her hair. The little things like sitting on the porch and being able to hold onto one another is what we yearn for. It is a lot closer in prospective then it was before, but is still out of reach for Nevaeh while she is recovering. Knowing that hopefully in a month she will be going home soon is such a blessing! Even though she will have to go to the doctor every week, it is going to be so amazing the days that we do have her at home and are able to bond and be a family again. Today she is still intubated (using a ventilator to breath), but soon she will be extubated (off the ventilator) and that will make us one step closer to go home. We have been putting clothes on Nevaeh, we are able to put more clothes on her now that she does not have her VAD, and is losing the IV’s and lines that are coming out of her arms, and legs. Small things like just putting clothes on, picking her up, sitting her up , changing her diapers take more than one person to do while she is here. But what a blessing it is to be around so many caring people that aren’t family. We all have slept at the hospital so Nevaeh will never has to be alone, we always make it work, no matter what. Her older sister Marlee is only able to come on the weekends, it makes it even more special to be able to spend time with one another and have all 4 of us together again, even if it is only for a couple of hours. When Nevaeh is extubated, and able to breath on her own it will be an amazing day, because we know that she will be able to go home pretty soon after. These past couple of months have been an amazing journey for our tough girl. Its Gods time everything is done. She just keeps getting stronger and stronger as the days go by, and how blessed we are to have such brave girl.


  • Shannon Lefebvre

    We love you guys and are praying for her to be home with you all

  • Misti

    So so beautiful! Just speaking of her seeing the sky and breeze in her hair! I know so many people will be so touched by this! Good job sis!

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