So Close

Everything that has happened this week has been nothing short of amazing, and such a blessing to see everything that Nevaeh has gone through. She is such a fighter in so many ways! She is such an inspiration to me and our family, to have gone through so much that she has gone through and to come out with a smile on her face. Seeing her overcome so many odds has been nothing short of a miracle. I have been hoping, and praying for the time for Nevaeh to come home. Her first week in rehab has been going really well. She has started being able to tolerate more formula, and coming off of her medications. She had her first clinic visit with the cardiologist today, and that said that she is doing so well. Even our trip to the clinic went amazing! Nevaeh even took a nap while they did her 12 lead EKG. When have been talking with her care team and of course they think as well that she will be able to be discharged in just a few weeks. We will have to have a nurse at home, and all of her equipment as well. We have chosen a home health company, and a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company that will be supplying her home equipment. There is a few more things that we will have to get done at the rehab before she is able to go home. But just a few more weeks! A few more weeks! The best part of her being at the rehab is that we are able to spend time as a family, and Marlee is able to stay up there with her as long as we want during the visitation hours. Are family has been so awesome helping with all of the events that Nevaeh has been having this month. Here next coming up event will be her benefit concert! It amazes me with all the support that we have gotten not just from COTA but our whole community coming together around us like one big family. The things that I am nervous about is keeping Nevaeh in a virtual bubble when we get home. Having to have a nurse that we don’t know in our home. I’m hoping that Marlee will be excepting of whoever takes care of her sister, she can be very picky with who is taking care of her. I love that once again our girls will be able to be home together. The thought just keep floating in my head like a wonderful dream, because these last 4 months have for sure been very separating for our family. I thank God for the strength that he has given to us to be able to make it through this tough time. Hopefully we will also be able to do another news segment to raise awareness for transplant! 


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