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Nick's Story: A typical story of "wants" and "needs"

There are many Nick stories to be told over the next few months in our blog, but this particular story involves the critical need of this resilient, upbeat guy who always has a smile on his face and a "can-do" attitude: our inspirational boy needs a life-saving kidney transplant.

Now don't get us wrong. Nick has the same "wants" as other kids. And yet, he has needs that most others don't.

AGE 4: No, you don't need those M&Ms, you want those M&Ms. (Though the M&Ms would come eventually, Nick needed his first procedure to assess his kidney function).

AGE 8: No, you don't need a new bike, you want a new bike. (Though a bike would come eventually, Nick needed his first appointment with a neuromuscular specialist at Children's who diagnosed his mitochondrial myopathy, indicating an underlying mitochondrial disorder which impacts multiple systems including neurological, cardiac, renal, gastrointestinal, ophthalmologic...

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Nick at Fenway 

Nick making a "call to the bullpen" in the Red Sox dugout at Fenway

courtesy of Sox pitcher Robby Scott's program, Scott's Squad


And, below, at Young Life Camp, Rockbridge, Virginia with his buddy Collin (all serious, left)  and singer, Josh Wilson.


September 20...

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Summer, 2018 - Made possible by Jake O'Neill

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Nick and "Band of SSU Brothers" interview on NECN/NBC Boston

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Winter Clothing Drive

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Salem State Vikings Baseball

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