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Samual has been active all of his life. The featured photo is Samuel running in the 2016 Bad Dog 5k.He started martial arts training at five years old with Tae Kwon Do. He
later moved onto Kung Fu and then Capoeira. Now he is back with Tae
Kwon Do.
He has enjoyed African drumming and swimming. He has been on the
swim team and later became a lifeguard and swim instructor. He also
enjoys anime.
He is currently a senior in high school and plans to attend college in the
fall. He plans to major in English and after undergrad, attend law
Samuel's transplant story begins in February of 2018. He had a cold that
didn't get better as it usually would have in the past. On the morning of
February 7, 2018, he awoke with signs of a stroke. We called 911 and
he was taken to Methodist North Hospital. There we were informed
that there was a blood clot on the right side of the brain which was
causing the stroke. He was not able to move the left side of his body.
They administered a drug to disso...



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Happy Birthday Sam!

Happy 18th Birthday Sam! Continue Reading »

Sam at Frosh Camp

 Samuel attends FROSH camp!  A University of Memphis freshman orientation camp. Continue Reading »

"Le Bonheur Kid Captain"

Samuel at 901 Soccer Game at Auto Zone Park. July 6, 2019. He was a  Le Bonheur Kid CaptainHe went on the field at the beginning of the game and met the players.  Then, he flipped a coin to see which team went first. We are proud of you Sam! Continue Reading »

Make A Wish Trip

Sam attends to destination reveal at Dave&Busters.We are going to ST. Croix! Continue Reading »

Bad Dog 5k 2019

Sam after the Bad Dog 5K, supported by his family.  Continue Reading »

Chili's "Give Back" Event

January 20 Continue Reading »

Advent Presbyterian Church

Sam Shares His Story at Advent Presbyterian Church Continue Reading »

Pumpkin Run 5k

Continue Reading »

Real Men Cook Competition Fundraiser

Real Men Cook COTAFORTEAMSAM Fundraiser Continue Reading »

Sam at Go Jim Go

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