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Zoe Anderson is an eleven-month-old resident of Fishers, Indiana.  She is the daughter of Carly and Seth Anderson.  She is starting to sit up, loves to shake and chew on toys and loves to watch her brothers play-she lights up when they enter the room.  
At 6 weeks old, Zoe’s parents started noticing something wasn’t right.  After a visit to the pediatrician, lab work and scans, she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia.  Zoe had her first life-saving surgery, known as the Kasai procedure at 8 weeks old.  There is no cure for Biliary Atresia, and the next step will be a liver transplant.  Biliary Atresia is a liver disease in which one or more bile ducts is abnormally narrow, blocked or absent.  As a result, bile doesn’t leave the body as it should causing further damage to the liver and issues with growth and nutrition.  
The estimated cost of Zoe’s transplant surgery exceeds $500,000, with additional costs for post-transplant medication and care.  Vol...

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Something sad and something happy

We have to switch nostrils when using the NG tube. We did it last week and this happened (graphic, sorry):

It is never fun to do this. We have to check for placement to make sure it isn’t in her airway. Well, we weren’t getting drawback on it and she seemed really uncomfortable and so I ne...

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Happy Gift of Life Day, Zoe!

The Other Side.  Continue Reading »

Thank you for all your support!

I wanted to thank everyone thus far for all the love and support for the Anderson Family! It has truly been amazing! We have met our initial goal of $50,000! The website will soon reflect that! This is so awesome! We could not have done it with all Continue Reading »

Something sad and something happy

We have to switch nostrils when using the NG tube. We did it last week and this happened (graphic, sorry): Continue Reading »

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to my littlest peanut! Continue Reading »

PELD of 40 approved!

Friday I received word that Zoe's score was approved at 40 points.  That means we could get the call any time!  I started packing a bag so we have it ready to go.   Continue Reading »

Request for PELD score of 40

Yesterday I got a shocking email from the transplant coordinator. She said that when the team met to discuss the patients listed for transplant, they decided to request exception points to get Zoe’s score bumped up to 40. I actually had to reread Continue Reading »

Tuesday 2/6

Where to start?! I am way too long winded when I type so I’ll try to break this up. Maybe when I am ready to return to my personal blog, I’ll be a pro at shorter posts. Continue Reading »

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser night!

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Officially listed with a PELD of 19/40 and other stuff.

This is a few days worth of info so it’s long. Continue Reading »

How have I changed?

How have I changed? Continue Reading »

Monday 1/22 update

So, Zoe's labs today are worse.  I already figured by just looking at her.  She's still eating, and in fact wanting to eat a little bit more than usual so I wonder if she's just burning through it so fast?When she was a newborn and we called her Continue Reading »


This morning I am waiting for home health to call me back.  The part that we have to twist Zoe's antibiotics onto came OFF this morning.  Poor Seth feels awful.  He twisted it on so tight, I couldn't get it off, and then HE couldn't get it off, Continue Reading »

Zoe's Journey

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Special Message from Zoe!

Me: "Zoe, what do you think about liver disease?" Continue Reading »

Late Tuesday update-recommended for listing

Today was a big day for our girl.  The doctors who see Zoe met with the transplant surgeon and a few others to discuss the evaluation and they have recommended Zoe to be listed for transplant.   Continue Reading »

quick update-Tuesday

Liver disease is unpredictable.  That is the word that a few other moms I've talked to use.  Another mom I talked to last year said "This all just feels like a story I am telling now when I talk about it."  I find myself looking forward to that Continue Reading »

My Mommy has a new hobby!

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Saturday update on Zoe

Saturday update on Zoe Continue Reading »

We may be heading home

Today is Wednesday (I think) and it is looking like we will get out today, pending her labs. Continue Reading »


We are home.  I get extremely homesick.   Continue Reading »

The longest 48

Zoe is currently in the hospital battling her first bout with cholangitis, which is a dangerous liver infection requiring powerful IV antibiotics.  We have been fortunate to be out of the hospital and only managing our labs and monthly clinic Continue Reading »

Gift for Zoe shirt pictures

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Gift for Zoe t-shirts!

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The Story of 2017

2017 was a big year for the Anderson family!  We celebrated our growing family, moved to a new house, changed jobs (me-Carly), celebrated milestones of many kinds, faced the unknown with a scary medical situation, learned how to function in a Continue Reading »

Caring Bridge

Our Custom Ink "Gift for Zoe" fundraiser was a huge success, raising $1,999.69 for COTA on behalf of Team Zoe A.!  Custom Ink made this buy on demand fundraiser easy and simple.  Continue Reading »

Last day for Gift for Zoe t-shirts!

The t-shirt sale fundraiser for COTA in honor of Zoe A will close out today at midnight!  Thank you all for your support.  We can't wait to see everyone in this special design created by Sarah Dixon.  Visit her website at Continue Reading »