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Allison is currently too sick to write about herself for this site, so we’ve taken the liberty to share her story on her behalf.
Allie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 18 months old. She has had countless hospitalizations over the years since her diagnosis and does multiple daily treatments to delay the inevitable loss of lung function. Despite the toll her disease takes on her, she lives life with passion and full of love for her family and friends. Allie is always the first person to help others in need.

The time has come where she needs a lung transplant. Her deepest wish is to live to see her little 11-month-old boy grow up.  She, her fiancé, and our families are preparing for transplant at a Center about 6 hours away from where she lives. According to a 2014 Milliman Research Report on U.S. organ transplant, the average first year costs for lung transplant is $785,000. There are many costs not covered by insurance as well as lifelong expenses related to transpl...

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Preparing to come home

It wont be long, folks.  She’s getting close!!

This is a long post but important as Allie gets closer to coming home.  

She is now and always will be immunosuppressed but even more so for the first one to two years.  It is crucial she avoid illnesses.  She can easily catch anything and eve...

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Back Home

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Back Home

Allie and Scott are back home, reunited with their little boy.  She's doing well and is getting settled in their apartment.  Blake is a busy little 16 month old, such a happy little guy.  I'm thankful that only 4 months after transplant she's Continue Reading »


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Preparing to come home

It wont be long, folks.  She’s getting close!! Continue Reading »

The ups and downs, all worth it.

It is now 7 weeks post transplant. As far as the actual surgery and her breathing goes, Allie’s been doing very well. She had her first outpatient bronchoscopy and biopsies this past Friday. Great results - There was NO rejection seen on the Continue Reading »

Out of the hospital! Another hurdle crossed!

Allie was discharged from UPMC Presbyterian 5 days ago, on Thursday March 22. I can definitely see that she is getting a little stronger every day. She had a hard weekend but we realized from results of her blood work yesterday that her tacrolimus Continue Reading »

Day 22 Post Transplant

It’s been 22 days since Allie’s transplant.  The last update I posted had what turned out to be a very ambitious plan that didn’t quite happen on the time table that was told to us.  That said, she continues to progress, it’s just taking a Continue Reading »

Two weeks post op update

Two weeks and 1 day post-op today.  Allie continues to progress on schedule (translate – she is wowing Scott and I).  Yesterday she passed her swallowing evaluation with 90% score, so she can eat REAL food - solids and thickened liquids.  She Continue Reading »

2 more chest tubes out

Adding to yesterday’s update, 2 more chest tubes removed today she went from 7 chest tubes down to 2.  It’s hard to believe all those big Blake tubes fit in her little chest.  She is walking to the nurses station up to twice a day.   Continue Reading »

Address for cards

in addition to the update I posted earlier today, people have asked where to send Allie cards.  You can try the hospital itself UPMC Presbyterian, 200 Lothrop St, Pittsburgh PA 15213 and direct it to Allison Julia Davis - Patient, floor 9D (her Continue Reading »

Day 8 post transplant

Today is 8 days since Allie’s transplant. The short story is she’s doing great. The longer story - Everyone recovers differently after this surgery. We often see videos online of people taking their first big full breaths with new lungs with Continue Reading »

Lottery tickets left

We still have quite a few NYS lottery tickets left. We’ll be selling them until Feb 28. Contact Maria at 585-734-4787 or for a chance to win the entire month of March! Continue Reading »

Step by step

We’re told Allie is doing very well post operatively for being 3 days out from surgery.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to judge because she is struggling considerably with pain that they’re having a difficult time controlling. They told us Continue Reading »

Transplant looks good!

The surgeon came in to tell us everything went well and lungs look good.  He told us to expect some bumps along the way but we’ll get through them. Thank you so much for all the prayers and good thoughts. She will have a hard road to recovery Continue Reading »

OR update

Thank God so far things are going as planned.   Continue Reading »

NYS Lottery tickets

NYS Lottery Evening Drawing Continue Reading »

Please send prayers and good thoughts for Allie and the team doing surgery

it’s a go- Donor lungs look good and they’re being flown here as I write this. Please say prayers for this to be the start of a healthy long life for Allie. Pray for the surgeons, the medical team caring for her and for her donor and family. Continue Reading »

lottery ticket fundraiser

There has been no change in Allie’s condition which is a good thing from a staying stable perspective but those lungs need to come soon!  It’s such a balancing act to keep her stable enough for transplant. They tried taking her Foley catheter Continue Reading »

Saturday 2/10/18

Yesterday started out with the transplant team notifying us there were lungs and they were planning on a midnight OR time. But about 4 hours later we were told it was a no go. That wasn’t a great moment but we knew to expect false starts because Continue Reading »

Nearly two weeks since arrived in Pittsburgh

I apologize for my lack of communication over the past few days.  It’s been difficult for me to write for various reasons but here’s the latest.   Continue Reading »

A race

I just posted on a friend’s FB page who generously shared our fundraising site that this is truly a race for life for Allie to get lungs. The wait is brutal every minute that I sit and watch her life support machines. They weaned down her ECMO Continue Reading »

Friday Feb 2

  Allie is more alert today. While she remains critically ill, she’s stable right now. Her surgeon is really good and kind as well. He personallly helped her stand up and sit in a chair, along with a team of about 6 or 7 other people helping. She Continue Reading »


Allie is official, she is listed!! She/we can get a call at any time. Keep saying prayers, sending positive energy, and spreading the word for donations to the COTA for Allie D campaign.  Thank you everyone!  Continue Reading »

Pray for HLA results to be favorable

Everything is on hold waiting for antibodies result, that HLA test.  Please pray for no bad antibodies that would stop transplant listing.  This explains HLA:An antibody is a protein found in the blood. Antibodies are produced by the immune Continue Reading »


We don’t have an answer yet on transplant  because they are waiting on some of the required tests, most importantly HLA (antigen) results.  Her white count has finally started to come down, although the reading was 18K this morning and that Continue Reading »

Monday 1/29/18

Allie’s waking up slowly. The want to let her wake up slowly as tolerated but keeping her sedated on a lower amount of drugs than she was on with the goal of her eventually being able to be more interactive and not go thru withdrawal when they Continue Reading »

Saturday 1/27

Allie is about the same, stable but the reality that she needs a lifesaving transplant really hit home with us today. That may sound strange to those who are following, but we were hoping for her to get better and instead what we really need to hope Continue Reading »

Friday 1/26

I posted this on FB this afternoon but with a few less details: This has all been overwhelming as you can imagine. I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who is donating to COTA in Allie’s honor to assist with transplant-related Continue Reading »

Thursday evening

ECMO is helping some, getting transfused to bump her hematocrit up, abdomen much less distended. She will be having a tracheotomy and another bronchoscopy tomorrow. All previous sedation and pain med IV drips were stopped today and she’s now on a Continue Reading »

Update Thursday morning 1/25/18

Allison’s vent settings were maxed without improvement. She was just now placed on ECMO, hoping to rest her lungs some and let her belly recover from the ilieus she has that is causing large amount of distention. She is having a bronchoscopy and Continue Reading »

In the MICU at Pittsburgh

Quick update- she was stable on the ride here for the most part. The transfer into the room was a little rough. But the trip here overall has set her back some. She’s more acidotic and FiO2 is up to 80% now with O2 sats at 89-90.  They’re Continue Reading »

Crew is here

Allie is being transferred to MedVac gurney now, they said if weather near/past Erie worsens they might fly the rest of the way.  Prayers please  Continue Reading »

The bus is on the way

An ambulance left Pittsburgh this morning with planned time of arrival 1-2pm.  Then the 4-5 hour trip back to UPMC.  While I’m worried about an ambulance vs plane, I have to trust this will be ok. Scott will follow in his truck, and I in mine. Continue Reading »

Roller Coaster

There’s a bed again at UPMC. Guess what - weather not safe for helicopter. They were going to take a chance with ground transport (ambulance) but three concerns: 1) worry about the weather along Erie with snow coming in,  2) worry about having Continue Reading »

No beds yet

so the waiting game continues. No open ICU beds at UPMC and lots of people needing them.  Right now they’re tweaking her vent settings. For those who know what this means, shes having high peak pressures and FiO2 65% with rate still at 30 but Continue Reading »


we’ve been waiting for the weather to clear so the pilot could safely fly Allie to Pittsburgh, but it wouldn’t cooperate, now more bad weather rolling in from Ohio. She lost her bed at UPMC. The process starts again in the morning  Continue Reading »

Pittsburgh, here we come

As I speak, flight arrangements are being made to bring Allie to UPMC. They are waiting for her. We’ve been told she’s too sick right now for transplant but they’re the best people to try and get her well enough for transplant. Please keep Continue Reading »

Sunday 1/21/18

Allison’s lung pressures were too high despite maxed out sedation so they added a paralytic and the vent is totally controlling her breathing.  Her FiO2 is set at 55%. O2 saturation’s are at 90-92.  Her WBCs are quite high.  Her medical group Continue Reading »


Please consider donating. 100% of funds donated to COTA in honor of Allison will assist with transplant-related expenses. Continue Reading »


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