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Jace Jones had an eventful morning. When his respiratory therapists (RT) went to retape and reposition his ET (breathing) tube, his O2 sats plummeted (to the teens, on a 100% scale). The RTs, nurses, and doctors had to emergency extubate him and Continue Reading »

Day +27 through Day +49

Day +27 through +34 Continue Reading »

Day 15+

Jace is still stable, they are still tweaking his sedation and pain meds to get him to a comfortable state, but he is stable and that's a positive :) And his night nurse made him a name banner! And his day nurse brought him some stuffed toys! Continue Reading »


Jace Jones has been in back to back surgeries/procedures from 9:30am-7pm getting multiple lines placed. He had two more central lines placed, an arterial and a PIV. He is currently intubated for the next 24-48 hours. His continuous dialysis started Continue Reading »

Prayers please.

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Post Transplant Updates

One of many milestones :) one whole week post transplant and our little guy is doing so well! Continue Reading »


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Transplant Recap

So many things have happened over the past few days! Here is a recap.. Continue Reading »

Day 4

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Stanford Update.

Day -8Today is the second day of chemo and Jace is handling it great. It's to be expected that the first couple days they are relatively unaffected, and as the treatment progresses, they start to feel more icky. With this transplant in particular, Continue Reading »

New Date!

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Everyday Miracles

Milestones are everything with a little one, and Jace is such a strong growing boy. He started rolling over this week! He brings us so much joy and it is amazing watching him grow each and every day. Continue Reading »

July Updates

7.6.2017 Continue Reading »