Jace Jones had an eventful morning. When his respiratory therapists (RT) went to retape and reposition his ET (breathing) tube, his O2 sats plummeted (to the teens, on a 100% scale). The RTs, nurses, and doctors had to emergency extubate him and provide bagged O2 for 20-30 minutes while preparing to place a new ET tube.

Intubation went well, there was a minimal amount of blood which is a better clinical picture than the previous intubation. For now, he is on a conventional ventillator, as opposed to the oscillator, so if he can tolerate the change and can maintain adequate oxygenation and pH balance, it will be a step in the right direction.

We will update Jace's profile with his white board picture later today. Please keep our little fighter in your thoughts and prayers ???? sending hugs!


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