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Hi all,

One word to describe the day so far: yoyo. We had plans to make wean progress on his vent this morning, but by this afternoon there were more bloody secretions from his ET tube, marking now a third lung bleed since we have been in the picu (including the initial hemorrhage). There are no answers as to why his lungs continue to bleed. There are no good diagnostic tests that can be done at this point. In addition to this new bleed, his peripheral IV finally blew today, causing a gap in his sedation. They are currently in the process of placing another PICC line, so he can have adequate access points as well as have an additional central line.

At this point, Jace will be receiving a very high dose steroid treatment in an attempt to allow the lung tissue to heal. There is no guarantee it will work, as the literature behind this treatment doesn't have hard evidence of being effective. But, this is our only option at this time.

Please keep Jace in your thoughts as he battles out another speed bump in his recovery, and pray for resolution of the damaged tissue in his lungs. We have kept our heads held high with optimism, and we truly have the finest medical care in the west coast.

Sending hugs,
Andrew, Becca and baby Jace


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