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On October 11, 2011 at the age of 10 months, Addilyn was diagnosed with PFIC-2 (Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis Type-2), a rare genetic liver disease which causes liver failure. There is no cure for this terminal disease. 

It's been a long steady road but here we are. We have experienced 6 wonderful years of stability as far as Addi's disease is concerned. However, her liver has now decided it cannot hold on any longer. Addilyn has severe cirrhosis or liver scarring, which results in poor liver function. During the past year her blood work has had several spikes and dives. She was seen last month during an emergency visit because we were concerned about increased jaundice. Her jaundice has gotten increasingly worse since. A few of her other tests have gotten worse as well.

The transplant team at Denver Children's Hospital has begin the process toward transplant. The only way symptoms of this disease can be reversed is with liver transplantation. She will need a...

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T-shirt and Hat Fundraiser

Join us for a great event!

In conjunction with National Donate Life Month 2018 during the month of April we are hosting an online T-shirt and Hat Fundraiser event to help raise awareness and funds for COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) in honor of Addilyn H.

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T-shirt and Hat Fundraiser

Join us for a great event! Continue Reading »

Chugging Along

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Rosy Cheeks

We just can’t get over how clear her skin looks and those rosy cheeks! We are back at Children’s hoping to find some answers to her puzzling lab results. We know we have the best team of doctors caring for Addi! Continue Reading »

Sibling Time at Home!

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Addi's Comeback Day 9

Addi is so happy to be home with her brothers and they are thrilled to have her home...Even for just a few hours! #onestepatatime #addiscomeback #day9 Continue Reading »

First Post-op back at CHCO

Addi had her first post-op visit this morning. A few of her labs are not trending in the right direction so they are readmitting her to do some further testing. Please continue to pray for her. This journey to recovery can be very unpredictable at Continue Reading »


A very special friend of ours took this picture of Aaron and I (Krystin) right after Addi’s surgeon came out to tell us her transplant was finished and was a complete success. We were both crying tears of joy, couldn’t wait to see our baby girl Continue Reading »

Chugging Along Post-op Day 6

So many pictures to go with this update! Please go to the Photo Gallery to see more pictures! Continue Reading »

Send Addilyn a Cheer Card

If anyone is interested you can send a card to Addilyn via the Children's Hospital of Colorado in Aurora. Go to the link below, choose your card, personalize it and the volunteers will print it off and deliver it to her hospital room! Join us in Continue Reading »

Post-op Day 3

This sweet munchkin graduated from the pediatric ICU today! She had a very eventful day today. She was able to eat solids for the first time. She chose a pancake for breakfast and noodles for lunch! She is such a trooper and despite being nervous Continue Reading »

CHCO Liver Transplant Post-op

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Post-op Day 2

Addi has had an eventful day so far. She is doing so well. Her labs look wonderful and her tummy is beginning to wake up. She graduated to a clear liquids diet and was able to have a bit of juice. Her jaundice has almost completely cleared, she Continue Reading »

Post-op Day 2

Update on Addilyn this morning from our daughter, Krystin."Everything is good this morning! She is awake more and happy!" Continue Reading »

Post-op Day 1

Update on our granddaughter, Addilyn, written by our daughter - Our beautiful baby girl! She had a wonderful night with minimal hiccups. Her biggest complaint is not being able to have lots of water and of course something to eat. Anyone who knows Continue Reading »

It Is Finished!

Surgery is complete! Addilyn has a new liver and is starting a new chapter! Her mom and dad are overjoyed! Addi will be moved to ICU where mom and dad will get to see their baby girl very soon! Thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers! Those Continue Reading »

CHCO Liver Transplant Pre-op

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Today is the day!

Thank you everyone that has followed along with us on Addilyn's Journey! Today is "The Day!" it's a new beginning for our sweet Addilyn! She is in pre-op as I write this! We will post updates as we receive them! Please continue to keep Addilyn and Continue Reading »

Transplant Surgery on Tuesday, January 16th

Today has been a day full of emotions. Today I have faced fear, hope, worry, peace, anger, joy, sadness. Faith is what I cling to. This chapter in Addilyn’s story is just about finished and I’m so thankful God is writing Continue Reading »

Transplant surgery postponed

Addi update:Addilyn came down with pneumonia last week...she is feeling well now and the antibiotics are working well. She is her chipper self! That said, due to the pneumonia and the affect it had on her lungs, Children's Hospital has postponed Continue Reading »

Pediatric doctor visit

It certainly seems to get harder before it gets easier doesn’t it? Yesterday Addi was diagnosed with pneumonia. They started her on antibiotics. They swabbed her for a large panel of viruses as well. If results show she is fighting a virus, her Continue Reading »

Our little fisher-girl!

Our fisher-girl!  A little afternoon shore fishing with her Papa and Uncle Mike. Continue Reading »


We are so thankful for this sweet girl. Before she was born God gave us the name Addi, which means “Chosen”. She has touched so many lives throughout her almost seven years of life. Her smile radiates joy. She’s a giver. We do believe she was Continue Reading »

Transplant scheduled

This sweet girl will be receiving her new liver on December 18th! Just in time to celebrate another year of life. We can’t thank her donor enough! Continue Reading »

Living donor selected

A living donor was finally selected for Addilyn! Her transplant is scheduled for December 18th. Please keep the Hawks Family, especially Addi, in your thoughts and prayers. We are very nervous/scared/anxious/excited/happy. What an amazing 7th Continue Reading »

Update on Addilyn

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Liver Transplant Evaluation

Despite 3 shots, 2 blood draws, an echocardiogram, an EKG, chest x-ray, 2 CT scans with IV contrast and countless interviews and meetings, Addi has remained joyful as can be and her playful self! She is so amazing and so incredibly brave. She is Continue Reading »

Family hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park

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Family time in the Rocky Mountain National Park!

We are trying to spend as much time together as a family before Addi's transplant. There is really no better place than Rocky Mountain National Park. Addi is such a trooper and even hiked 5 miles yesterday!  Continue Reading »

It's time!

It's been a long steady road but here we are. We have experienced 6 wonderful years of stability as far as Addi's disease is concerned. However, her liver has now decided it cannot hold on any longer. During the past year her blood work has had Continue Reading »

Chugging Along

So many pictures to go with this update! Please go to the photo gallery to see them all! Continue Reading »