Transplant surgery postponed

Addi update:
Addilyn came down with pneumonia last week...she is feeling well now and the antibiotics are working well. She is her chipper self! That said, due to the pneumonia and the affect it had on her lungs, Children's Hospital has postponed Addi's transplant. They said they will reschedule it in 3-4 weeks. They did not want to risk further affecting her lungs due to being under anesthesia for her surgery so soon after the pneumonia. We are bummed to have had it so close, but happy to have Addi home for her Birthday and Christmas! We are thankful that they are so carefully looking out for her! Thank you everyone for your care and support! We will update you when we hear the next date! Please pray for us and Gods timing!! - written by Aaron, Addilyn’s daddy.


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