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...if  you found out a few days after giving birth to your child that they had a devastating disease that was incurable? 

...if you learned that this disease, Cystic Fibrosis, would slowly wreak havoc on her entire body and eventually ravage her lungs to a point that they would no longer function?

...if you discovered that as her years progressed, so did the amount of medication and drugs, therapy, hospital visits, tears, frustration and fear increase as well?

...if, as her years progressed, she did not accept the constraints of CF, deciding instead to embrace life and school and set an impossible goal of being accepted into an IVY league university?

...if two weeks after being accepted and attending Harvard, her dream was crushed as her disease forced her away from the campus of the university and back into the campus confines of Children’s Hospital for months?

...if you found out that her lungs had gone from bad to worse and that the only hope for...




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Drink for Good: Fundraiser Happy Hour

Date: April 13, 2019
Location: The Brazen Head

WHO I AM: Becca

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WHO I AM: Julia

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