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Keona Shearer, aka Keke, was born on May 19th 2004, alongside her twin sister Elliona.  Heart breaking news came fast as we found out her sister Elliona had a heart defect and was rushed away to the ICU and then sent to St. Vincent's hospital. After two open heart surgeries, her sister passed away at 3 months old. Keona survived only to get severely sick at 8 months old. Her getting sick caused severe damage to both her kidneys. We were rushed to Riley's Children Hospital Where we spent the next 3 months waiting for Keona to get better, but she never fully recovered. We were trained to do Peritoneal Dialysis at home and had to schedule our lives around her treatments 4 times a day. The one thing that kept us going each and every day was Keke waking up every morning with the biggest smile and bright blue eyes staring at us with pure love and happiness. We knew we had a special daughter! Going through every doctor visit, every blood draw, every needle stick, and every surgery, she would...



Building Campaign Momentum

The campaign to help support COTA in honor of Keke as she awaits her kidney transplant is gaining momentum, thanks in part to an article posted on the IN Fort Wayne website. Written by the great folks at COTA, the article describes Keke's journey so Continue Reading »


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No Kidney from Old Men

At age 71, I've heard a lot about human organ transplants all my life. I was just out of high school when a doctor in South Africa transplanted a human heart into another human in 1967; and it’s a nearly routine procedure now. I even read the Continue Reading »

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