It's all about the numbers

The first 24 hours after transplant were good, some might even say really good. Erin is working hard to breath on her own. They would like her to be able to take at least 12 breathes a minute on her own. She is rocking this challenge, taking anywhere from 15-25. They have decreased the ventilator support and may stop it enirely tonight. She was scheduled for a bronchoscopy this morning but her blood pressure was a little low and they were concerned the added sedative needed could lower her blood pressure even lower. Rescheduled for tomorrow morning, at which time the ventilator will most likely be permanently removed - let the talking begin!!! Actually, she did a great job of trying to communicate her needs today through some simple sign language. Physical therapy came in and worked her arms and legs a little bit and respiratory started treatments every 6 hours of sending sound waves through to the lungs to shake them a little. Erin has up to 15 medications being pumped through her IV's multiple times throughout the day. She also had a profusion scan done to determine how well the blood is flowing in her new lungs. Ideally they would like to see these numbers at a 50/50 split, but her right lung was at 72% with her left at 28% so they needed to add another medication and will closely monitor it. The best sight today was looking over at her monitor and seeing her oxygen level at 100% will no need for oxygen, truly amazing.


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