Preparing for the Journey

We survived 36 hours of appointments over 4 days and 16 hours on the road. All signs point towards a move to St. Louis and we will get the official word this Friday. St. Louis confirmed that Erin's health is pretty severe and without a transplant probably only has 1-2 years of life left. We were educated on the challenges of transplant life and reminded that we are trading one set of horrible circumstances for another. However, Erin longs for the chance to be able to breathe again and have more of a life beyond hospital stays and treatments and continues to demonstrate amazing courage and strength far beyond her years. We have a few details that need to be ironed out before we are able to relocate to St. Louis but we are definitely getting closer. On Monday, we had a follow up appt with her doctor in Milwaukee and it was determined to admit Erin to the hospital for a week to try some different antibiotics in hopes of getting her at optimum health before the move. Our initial plan was for Erin to spend as much time at home before the move knowing that we will be away from family and friends anywhere from 4-15 months. Erin's body just isn't cooperating and so we are back in Milwaukee. Lung test on Thursday and possible discharge on Monday, just in time for Halloween! Erin's infection is affecting her diabetes this time around and requires increased monitoring and the possibility of additional insulin, none of which she is happy about. She is also experiencing some intense stomach cramping and very little energy, hopefully they will subside after a few more days of antibiotics. Today's diabetes lesson: gummy bears not so good for blood sugar, but dip those same gummy bears in chocolate and ironically it is not as bad for you. Go figure!


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