The past 3 days

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience as the updates have been minimal over the past three days as I have been trying to take everything in.  It has been a very emotional and physically exhausting experience.

Wednesday: After the sedatives weaned off Erin was more awake and began to make some great strides.  Her breathing tube was removed immediately this morning because she had been throwing up thoughout the night. She is coughing good and can get out a few whispers which makes communication much easier. 2 of the remaining 4 chest tubes were removed in the afternoon.  With assistance she was able to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Experiencing some pain but handling it well. Sat up in the chair for over an hour today! Amazing progress!!!

Thursday: She continues to get better control of her body getting in and out of bed.  Another chest tube removed today, one more to go.  She needed another IV placed because they had to put her back on continuous insulin, after a day reprieve, as her blood sugars spiked.  A few meds were stopped today and she was finally able to eat a few crackers tonight.  Erin vividly described some of her hallucinations (AKA crazy visions caused by meds) including a clown with green eye shadow holding a puppy, and nearly everyone appears to have purple hair!

Friday: She was weaned off the nitrous oxide over night.  She woke up today and seemed very disoriented. Her eyes tend to massively dilate and she seems very out of sorts, although it is a little better this afternoon.  We aren't sure if she just exhausted herself the past 2 days or if it is something more. She had an IV and an arterial line removed this morning and more meds were discontinued. She will start some tube feedings to get some calories and help with her insulin control. She continues to improve with her breathing treatments.

Hiccups: Our biggest issue still remains that the left lung still only has 30% of the blood flow versus 50%. They will continue to monitor and have some plans in place, including keeping her on oxygen to help with blood flow.  She also has what is called 'drop foot'. She cannot engage the muscles in her left foot to point her toes up.  She has to pay extra attention when walking, has a 'boot' to prevent further problems, and is doing some additional exercises.  She still isn't sure she can breath better with the new lungs. Once the last chest tube is removed and she begins walking we hope that this feeling changes. 

Thank you for the continued prayers and well wishes!


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