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Norah is our first child, who was healthy and growing well. Until Norah was 2 months old, we noticed that she continued to be jaundice (yellowing of the skin), at that time further evaluation was done and she was diagnosed with biliary atresia. Biliary Atresia a rare and life threatening disease of the liver and bile duct. She then had a emergent surgery to help restore the bile flow on June 2nd. However, the surgery was deemed unsuccessful. We are blessed that she has been doing good despite having persistent jaundice, large liver, poor weight gain and constant itching. The best chance Norah has for a normal life is through a liver transplant.

On November 14th, Norah was placed on the transplant list. 100% of funds raised for COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) in honor of Norah will assist with transplant-related expenses -- such as unforeseen hospitalizations, surgeries, and procedures. COTA provides support to families and patients for a lifetime. As we await for...




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Norah's Tube placement

We were unable to maintain norah's weight and calories with the current regimen and formula. She was admitted to get a tube placement to help her grow and gain weight awaiting for the transplant day. We continue to ask you to support us with Continue Reading »

Norah's tube placement

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Norah's Kasai procedure

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