Celebrate Mother’s Day with COTA Fundraisers

Mother’s Day is an ideal time to consider new COTA fundraising opportunities, especially for causes that may be special to mothers. Your COTA community campaign can help others give a gift to ‘Mom’ while supporting COTA in honor of your transplant patient.

So … what might Mother like?

Mother’s Day Tea. Adapt a traditional COTA benefit dinner to a special event for Mom — an afternoon tea. Partner with a local chef or baker to prepare finger sandwiches, salads and dainty desserts, and invite volunteers to decorate a table with their favorite china and centerpiece. Include local entertainment or ask your COTA Mom to share her family’s transplant story. Mothers will appreciate a special afternoon while supporting an important cause.

Flowers. Ask a florist to design a special COTA cut arrangement of fresh flowers for the second weekend in May. Inexpensive and beautiful bouquets are an excellent gift. Take orders well in advance of Mother’s Day to allow the florist time to prepare. (Contact CampaignInfo@cota.org if you would like an Event Thermometer set up to accept online orders.) Selling single carnations can also be an effective COTA fundraiser, with flowers being sold in prominent locations throughout Mother’s Day weekend. Consider including a card explaining that the gift also supports your COTA community campaign.

Bake Sale. Satisfy the sweet tooth of mothers within the community by asking your COTA campaign volunteers to bake items for a Mother’s Day bake sale fundraiser. Scrumptious cookies, brownies, pies and other desserts are delicious gifts and additions to any home-prepared Mother’s Day celebration meal!

Craft Fair. Are craft fairs springing up in your community? Invite people from the community to have a booth at a craft fair your team hosts before Mother’s Day. Children and spouses can find the perfect gift for Mom while supporting COTA. In addition to booth rental, ask vendors to contribute a portion of their proceeds to your COTA community campaign.

Photo Sessions.  Know a local photographer? Ask them to donate their time and talents (which can be receipted with a COTA Gift in Kind Form) for a day of photo sessions. For a donation to the COTA campaign, children and/or spouses can surprise Mom with memorable family photos.

Cooking Class.  Volunteers who are chefs and bakers can offer a cooking class. Host this tasty fundraiser at a local restaurant, cafeteria, bed and breakfast or school home-ec classroom — wherever you can find some stoves and have space! It could also be an opportunity for mothers to teach their children a new skill. Take advance registrations to ensure you have enough supplies.

Paint and Sip.  Consider holding a paint night with snacks and drinks that benefits your COTA campaign. Obtain donated art supplies and ask a talented volunteer to lead the painting, or partner with a local Wine & Canvas to host the event and send proceeds to COTA. This can be a great girls’ night for Mom!

Gifts to COTA. Encourage your family members and friends to honor their mothers with a contribution to COTA in honor of your transplant patient. Gifts can be made online or by sending a check made payable to COTA (2501 West COTA Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403) with your COTA campaign name in the memo line. We would love to hear how you include Mother’s Day in your COTA fundraising plans! Please let us know by sending an email to CampaignInfo@cota.org.

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Fundraising for Transplant-Related Expenses

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