Why Choose COTA

Why Choose COTA

No-Cost Services

COTA does not charge for our services, and we do not retain a percentage of funds raised. We even pay the merchant fees for online gifts. 100% of funds contributed in honor of patients are used for transplant-related expenses.

Not-for-Profit Status

Because COTA is a 501(c)3 charity, gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Since we are the administrator of the funds, they are not considered income for our families and typically do not jeopardize eligibility for assistance programs.

Timely Communication and Support

Payments for transplant-related expenses are processed weekly. During regular business hours, we will quickly respond to your needs and requests. All requests received after hours will be answered as soon as possible within two business days. We offer extensive online support options for families and campaign volunteers.


Our staff works closely with lead volunteers to train community volunteers with ongoing coaching throughout the fundraising campaign. Fundraising resources and materials are provided at no cost, and extensive and comprehensive online resources (including templates and step-by-step guides) are available to all COTA volunteers.

Campaign Website

We provide a website at no cost to use for fundraising and communication. COTA creates the site, secures the personalized URL, and is available to assist volunteers and families in personalizing and updating online information.

COTA Challenge Grants

To celebrate fundraising success, COTA awards up to $10,000 to each qualifying community campaign at the end of six months of fundraising and at the end of the first year of the campaign.

Fiscal Accountability to Families and Contributors

We acknowledge contributions and provide appropriate tax documentation. COTA volunteers and families can download a list of contributors to the community campaign. Patient campaign statements and balance information is available to families, and a staff certified public accountant monitors all contributions and expense payments.

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Fundraising for Transplant-Related Expenses

COTA can help remove the financial barriers to a life-saving transplant by providing fundraising assistance and family support.