Consejos para captar voluntarios para la campaña comunitaria COTA

Having a network of volunteers will make your COTA fundraising efforts even easier. For some events, like Fun Runs and Benefit Dinners, a large group of volunteers is a must. Here are some tips for recruiting volunteers for your COTA community campaign.

  • Ask your COTA patient’s family members and close friends. These volunteers are typically the most committed because they have a personal connection with the COTA family. Ask each family member and friend to identify 10 additional contacts they can ask to volunteer. This expanding circle can significantly increase the number of volunteers working on a COTA community campaign.
  • Identify key organizations in your community that have been active with fundraising activities. Most communities have service club listings in Chamber of Commerce or Convention and Visitors Bureau materials. Contact local clubs and ask to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting. At that meeting, explain the purpose of the COTA community campaign and tell your COTA patient’s story; talk about the goal of the campaign; give an overview of some of the planned activities; and ask for volunteers and fundraising ideas. If you have an upcoming COTA event or volunteer meeting, bring enough printed invitations or flyers to give each attendee.
  • Call area high schools and colleges. Find out the names of advisors for honor societies, service-learning groups, Key Clubs, service fraternities, social sororities and fraternities, etc. Try to meet with the advisor or president to ask for their organization’s support. At the very least, send a letter to the advisor and/or president explaining the COTA campaign and asking for their help. Be specific about what you want the group to do: plan a fundraiser, volunteer for a specific activity, etc.
  • Reach out to other organizations in your community. Churches, youth groups, hobby clubs and special interest groups may be excellent sources of volunteers, like your local American Legion or Lion’s Club. They may want to host a fundraiser for the COTA community campaign. Call these groups to find out if they would be willing to plan a fundraiser, or earmark funds from an already planned fundraiser, for the COTA community campaign.

Visit the Community Coordinator Resources section of for a volunteer recruitment letter template, and email if you would like to brainstorm ideas.