Part 5

    How Covid-19 changed our lives forever, So the family got covid I had little to no symptoms, Ashly was really bad required to have the Antibody infusion and still took a while to recover. Then Bryson, he at first was completly fine then got a runny nose then the cough. Ashly took him to the doctors and they just said to do the normal stuff you would do and the transplant team added a breathing treatment since he had restrive cardiomyopathy. So we did everything that we could and he just kept getting worse. Then one night at like 5am bryson woke up in a coughing fit and we had a pulse oximidor to check his oxygen stats. They read 92, so ashly got on the phone with the on call transplant team and they decided that we needed to seek medical help ASAP. So Ashly called 911 since she is the calm one in these situations while i did a breathing treatment with Bryson. They come they take bryson to Golisanos and that is where we stayed for 4 days doing diffrent things and tests to help hime fight his battle with one arm behind his back. It was gut wrenching to see my son lay in a bed asleep basicaly for 2 whole days becasue his little body was done. Thankfully the medications worked and he got better for the most part and after the 4 days on day 5 we brought him home. Covid-19 defenitly took a toll on Bryson’s little body after that he seemed okay but the damage was done. We got through the holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving and in november we talked 

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