March 9, 2021

It was way too nice of a day to spend it inside, so we found a nearby park for a stroller walk. With all of his therapies, appointments, meds, tube feeds, and hospital stays, getting some outdoor time is pretty rare for Clay. He tried to nap away his free time to get outside, but we were able sneak in a half hour.
Clay had his first liver clinic on Monday and everything continues to come back great. His GI issues are doing a little better too. We made a “parents know best” move and switched him back to Prilosec from the Prevacid they gave him here, and that has seemed to help the reflux. The hope is we get him back on his G tube feeds and get the NJ out of his nose and that we don’t have to switch the G tube to a GJ tube.
It was a good day and Clay keeps making progress, just a little bit at a time.

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