2 years post-op

Jay is still off of insulin! It is amazing how far he’s come. Korah got to come along this trip to see how things go down when we are in MN. 

Lots of tests and appointments within the short trip we made again this year.

A mixed meal test is a fasting test that measures C-peptides and glucose in a series of blood draws. This series is a fasting blood draw, he drinks high protein Boost nutritional shake, wait, blood draw, wait and blood draw x5. This helps measure how his insulin cells are working.

C-peptides 2.5, 4.2, 3.1, 3.3, 3.9 

Glucose 112, 122, 138, 120, 130, 116

C-peptides measure the amount of insulin his body is producing. Both the glucose and C-peptides are expected to fluctuate when he is drinking the Boost shake. 

His A1C is at 6% –December 2022

5.8%–November 2021

5.0%–September 2020 

Still a good percent even though it is climbing. Endo doctor is hoping that by starting back in sports (after his collar bone heals) it will help bring those continuous glucose numbers down a bit.

All the following tests were normal for Jaylen:

Vitamin A, E, D2, D3, B12, magnesium, phosphorus, metabolic panel, cholesterol, prealbumin, IGA, iron, and CBC. Also his bone density is within the age range for Jaylen!! 

Creon is still taken with meals and snacks, not to exceed 30 pills in one day.

Saw the surgeon and he was impressed with his work on the incision and how it’s healed (again lol). It is always fun to see Dr. C! 

Thank you for keeping our Jaylen and our family in your thoughts and prayers! We are truly blessed!

Much love, 


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