Double the Impact of COTA Volunteerism with Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grant programs, also known as ‘Dollars for Doers,’ are corporate giving programs created to encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work. Through these programs, companies provide monetary grants to organizations where employees volunteer regularly. With these programs, businesses financially match the volunteer time their employees donate to a nonprofit.

As a 501(c)3 organization, COTA is eligible for volunteer grants, so your COTA community campaign can benefit from volunteer grant programs.

Volunteer grants represent ‘free’ money for your COTA community campaign. Programs are offered by companies across the country and around the world. Millions of employees are eligible for volunteer grants … and the process is very simple:

  1. Volunteers check their employers’ volunteer grant policies and their eligibility.
  2. Once a volunteer reaches a threshold for grant eligibility, the volunteer submits a grant request to their employer.
  3. The company notifies COTA of the grant and COTA verifies recorded volunteer hours.
  4. The company issues a check to COTA for the grant.

As you plan events and activities to raise funds for COTA in honor of your local patient, volunteer grants are an excellent additional funding source. Your COTA community campaign volunteers are already putting in the time, so why not reap additional benefits! If you have any questions about volunteer grants as a part of your COTA campaign, please contact

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Fundraising for Transplant-Related Expenses

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