Incorpore la recaudación de fondos virtual a su planificación para 2024

As you brainstorm 2024 fundraisers, your COTA campaign team should consider hosting a virtual event. These are easy and successful! You can reach new audiences and increase fundraising proceeds while delivering a great experience.

Social Media Challenge.  Challenge followers to raise a certain amount of money in a single day; for instance, set a goal of $1,000 raised on your COTA patient’s transplant day. Ask for contributions in oddball amounts that have significance, like $13 in honor of your COTA patient’s 13th birthday. Supporters are more likely to round up their gift amount. Or consider a Give It Up Challenge, where supporters choose something to give up for a period of time (such as no Starbucks for a week) and donate the money they saved to COTA in honor of your patient. A week’s worth of coffee is $25 for the COTA campaign!

Online Merchandise.  Use your COTA campaign website and/or Facebook to offer t-shirts, hats, bracelets and more with purchases benefiting the COTA community campaign. Post a photo gallery of items available and have supporters pay via the COTA campaign website. Or consider online vendors like Bonfire, which handle everything from printing to shipping to sending proceeds to COTA — all you have to do is promote the fundraiser!

Virtual 5k.  Rather than gather participants on a single day for a fun run/walk, allow them to complete a 5k on their own terms. Supporters can run, walk, bike or swim the distance in honor of your local patient.

Online Product Parties.  If you start counting, you will probably discover that you know multiple people who work as independent distributors of products like LipSense, LulaRoe, Thirty One, Tupperware, Mary Kay and more. Ask these friends to host an online party (usually works well on Facebook) where a portion of the proceeds benefit your COTA community campaign. If you have questions about hosting a virtual fundraiser, please contact We are excited to help you with these stay-at-home opportunities to raise funds for transplant-related expenses.