Noches de restaurante = Una forma sabrosa de recaudar fondos

Did you know the average American family eats out 4-5 times per week? Given that fact, you will want to consider a Restaurant Percentage Night for your COTA community campaign. Partnering with a different restaurant each month (or every other month) can provide a steady source of proceeds to the COTA campaign.

How does a Restaurant Percentage Night work?
The restaurant gives your COTA community campaign a percentage of the sales during a designated timeframe for all the customers who visit because of your contact. Often restaurants will require that patrons bring a coupon or flyer to demonstrate they are supporting the COTA community campaign. Some restaurants will allow you to hold a restaurant night for carry-out and to-go orders, and some will even provide a percentage of ALL sales for the designated day or evening. Check with each restaurant to determine the policy, as well as the method by which your COTA community campaign will receive the contribution.

What makes a Restaurant Percentage Night successful?
Follow instructions.  Many restaurants have policies regarding the format and timeline for a restaurant night. Be sure to know their policies and follow the guidelines.

Promote the event.  Share information about the event in a variety of ways. Post information to your COTA community campaign website, use social media like Facebook to spread the word, send email messages to all your contacts and ask them to forward the message, and remember to include an announcement in the local newspaper. Remember to send all promotional materials to for review prior to distribution.

Consider additional fundraising activities.  The restaurant may allow you to display COTA Coin Canisters or promote COTA Paper Icons during your fundraising event, allowing you to increase proceeds.

Celebrate success.  Share the fundraising results on your COTA campaign website and social media pages, and use it as an opportunity to promote your next COTA fundraising event. Please visit the For Volunteers section of for more information on holding a Restaurant Percentage Night and contact with any questions.