Pida a sus colaboradores de la campaña COTA que se inscriban para realizar donaciones periódicas

Recurring gifts are an excellent form of ongoing revenue for your COTA community campaign. Encourage supporters to start the New Year by choosing to give on an annual basis — or better yet, monthly.

Explain how a recurring gift is going to make a difference for COTA patients. Emphasize the lifetime component of transplant-related expenses and the need for ongoing support. Describe the medications and regular appointments (including travel, lodging and food costs) required before, during and after transplant. How much do those out-of-pocket expenses add up to monthly? Yearly? Over a lifetime? Supporters want reassurance that their recurring gift will have an impact.

Highlight the recurring gifts option via email, a blog on the COTA campaign website and social media. Consider recording a video of a volunteer talking about the program. Take it a step further by framing a monthly donation by its daily cost. For example, a $25 monthly contribution is less than a dollar a day. Compare that amount to the daily cost of a coffee or breakfast sandwich to show how affordable a monthly gift can be.

Once supporters choose to give consistently, please remember to continue thanking them. Thank supporters each time their name appears on your COTA campaign contributors list. These notes remind them of the good they are doing and of your team’s gratitude. If you have questions about promoting recurring gifts for your COTA campaign, please contact