Third-Party Events Are Easy Ways to Raise Funds for Your COTA Community Campaign

Want to raise funds for COTA in honor of your patient but short on time? Have a friend or know a business wanting to help your COTA community campaign? If so, you should consider a third-party COTA fundraiser.

An event, promotion, sale or contribution drive organized and hosted by a group, business or organization on behalf of COTA or a COTA community campaign is a third-party fundraiser.

You probably know independent distributors of products like Thirty-One, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Kendra Scott or Tupperware. Consider reaching out to one of these consultants and asking them to host a party where a portion of the proceeds benefit your COTA community campaign. This party could be hosted online — stretching across communities.

The organization of third-party events varies depending on the vendor or organizer. Typically, no matter the vendor, third-party organizers take the responsibility of an event off the volunteers’ shoulders. When planning a fundraiser, the third-party event organizer is responsible for vendor agreements, contracts, insurance, and necessary permits for the event. There will be no need for a budget or expense reimbursements because the COTA community campaign is not hosting the fundraiser.

Simply confirm event details, explain how proceeds should be sent to COTA, and promote the fundraiser!

Remember that any promotional materials created and shared by the COTA community campaign team still need to be submitted to for approval — including social media posts. Volunteers may share flyers created by the vendor as long as the language is IRS compliant and clearly states that proceeds benefit COTA in honor of your patient.

Check out COTA’s Third-Party Resource List for more examples of third-party fundraising opportunities. Please contact for more information about getting started with a third-party fundraiser.

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