Utilize a Square Credit Card Reader at COTA Fundraisers

A Square Credit Card Reader allows you to accept debit and credit card payments via your cell phone or tablet and send those contributions to your COTA community campaign.

This is extremely useful at various events including:

  • Registering 5K participants the morning of a run
  • Receiving proceeds from winning bidders at a silent auction
  • Streamlining purchases at a craft fair booth
  • Accepting at-the-door payment for benefit dinner tickets

If your community campaign team would like to utilize a Square Reader for an upcoming event, please contact CampaignInfo@cota.org at least five days prior to your COTA fundraising event.

Many retailers sell Square Readers, including Walmart, Office Depot, Best Buy and Amazon. The price of a Square Reader is typically $9.99 (or less) and is an eligible fundraising expense with an approved budget worksheet on file with COTA.

After confirming your COTA community campaign will use a Square Credit Card Reader, COTA will send you a code specific to your account and phone/tablet via email, along with instructions for setting it up. This code will allow funds accepted via Square to be directed to your COTA community campaign.

Please note: The Square Credit Card Reader should be utilized for COTA fundraising events only and not as a substitute for online contributions made via the COTA campaign website.

Email CampaignInfo@cota.org for more information about using a Square Credit Card Reader.

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