“In the matter of one year’s time, our lives turned upside down. Our healthy and athletic teenager was playing volleyball and soccer one week and was sent to see an abdominal specialist the next. We had never even heard of the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA), but in a very short amount of time COTA Read More

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Liver Transplant Recipient

Community Coordinator

Thank you for volunteering to lead a COTA campaign. The Community Coordinator is a critical member of the campaign leadership team. With your leadership, guidance, support and oversight, your COTA campaign will be successful.

The COTA staff is available to help you through every step of the campaign. You have already received an orientation, training and preliminary materials. And, you can access COTA’s online campaign resources as well.

But remember, the COTA team is available via phone or email to offer advice and support. Send an email to or click on gro.a1573768665toc@o1573768665fnIng1573768665iapma1573768665C1573768665 to email your question or request to COTA.

Fundraising for transplant-related expenses is possible only when volunteers work with COTA to begin the fundraising effort. Additional volunteers who are willing to assist the key volunteers by serving on committees and providing assistance will be needed. In order to focus on their child, the parent(s) of the COTA patient should not plan to be part of the fundraising campaign.

Community Coordinator Job Description

The most critical position for any COTA campaign is the Community Coordinator. The Community Coordinator will oversee the entire campaign. COTA provides the Community Coordinator with training, manuals, guides, fundraising resources and ongoing support. The Community Coordinator will:

  • Be readily available (via phone and/or email) during day and evening hours.
  • Live in the area where the majority of the fundraising will take place.
  • Oversee all campaign activities and supervises committee chairpersons.
  • Direct all campaign events and activities.
  • Be primary contact with COTA headquarters.