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Anna Battista is a 28 year old double lung transplant recipient of 6 years.  Unfortunatly things have taken a turn for the worst and we find ourselves back in the shoes we were in 6 years ago, waiting for the call for a second life saving transplant.  Transplant is expensive, transplant patients are told this and we lived this first hand.  Thankfully through generous gifts to COTA on Anna's behalf we have been able to aford the costs associated with transplant that are not covered by insurance.  Insurance is great and a HUGE help but there are costs they do not pay for.  Transplant in Anna's case has required her and a caregiver to reocate to Durham, NC a whopping 1,665 miles away!  This requires us to lease an apartment in Durham, on top of our house in Colorado.  Her parents are taking turns being out there in order to manage working full time on top of caring for Anna.  However that means that the person who is out in Durham must take off work while they are there.  There a...




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